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IN HOME HOUSE CALLS-Bringing Physicians Services to Your Home! Countryside House Calls, Inc. was founded by Douglas Nagle, PA-C in 2005 for the purpose of providing valuable, beneficial primary care medicine and comprehensive Physicians services to you in the home.

The Villages/Marion Artist Don Browning directs attention to the world class talent base now living in The Villages/Marion Gold Zone.

The Villages Area is recognized as the leading Growth Demographic zone in the United States of America!  2015 Second Year as USA Leader!

Visit The Villages and learn life lessons that you always dreamed of as you earned a place in the Great American Experiment.

Learn Pottery, Silk Screening and Painting, Racu Pottery, Archery all by visiting the Art Gallery on Highway 42 at The Villages/Marion top Art Venue. 

The Villages/Marion Seniors enter Florida highspeed auto racing circuit.  Homestead-Miami, Daytona International Speed Way and Sebring International Speedway are key road racing venues.

Don Browning driving Old Dogs Racing No. 49 is editor of The Villages News and also comfortable on the high banks of Daytona International Speedway. 

Villages News links old style information about you and your neighbor and new style electronic news where you need it when you need it.  We are linking a Chamber of Commerce for our community with MainStreet Chamber style networking with your neighbors in your neighborhood.  We are about the neighborhood and the people in the neighborhood.

The Villages Lake, The Villages Sumpter and the Villages Marion are the overview.  Join with us and the goods and services that serve your neighborhood as we deliver goods and services to you and your neighbors.  Thanks for joining with us in the Neighborhood. 

Follow the News, The Village Gateway Center origionally leased to Marion County Utilities has been purchased in order to service The Villages/Marion Area Marion Utility Customers.
See below the historic footage of advertising during the rescue of the building originally build as the Central Florida State Bank, rescued by Don Browning in a FDIC auction, and now converted to Gold Zone Recovery use as The Villages/Marion County Utilities Service Center.

The Finest Office Space in Central Florida
11800 S Hwy. 441
Belleview Florida 34421
Call Don at 352 233 7990 

Marion County's Lake Weir Yacht Club hosts the Lake Weir Christmas Parade.  

Book a table for next year:  Gator Joe's is a Judging station and Gold Sponsor.

Ray Melenson,

 EDC Marion County Tourist Development Marion County Best Florida Visit


 Ted Yoho Wins as well as Rich Nugent.  Browning declares, "Ted Yoho and Rich Nugent will do a great job.  We had to reform congress starting with our Central Florida Districts.  
Historic Reference; Why it matters to get involved:Stearns known as a "federal budget buster" and spender of earmarks especially in the Democrat stronghold Gainesville area, is now referred to as "Fiscal Cliff, for his years of driving up the national debt.  
When Stearns went to congress over 20 years ago, the debt was under 4 Trillion Dollars, when we sent him into retirement, Fiscal Cliff was able to brag about a $16,000,000,000,000.00 national debt.  When asked how he was able to start the crumbling of Fiscal Cliff's seemingly unbeatable hold on the Central Florida congressional seat, Browning said, "he didn't know how to fight because he didn't have a republican opponent for over 20 years and Cliff made the mistake of not campaigning even once against me in a candidate forum."  Others on our Tea Party Team saw how weak Fiscal Cliff was and came at him from all sides.  "It was fun to watch", declared Don Browning.  
 2015:National Debt must come down:  Congressmen Ted Yoho and Rich Nugent join in reforming the GOP in Washington.   Recent attempts to bring the liberal shifting GOP leadership back to the center have met strong resistance.  Working in health-care reform of Obama Care and efforts to bring legal action against the president for his failure to enforce federal laws Yoho is gaining a strong following among GOP leaders both old and new school.
Archives:Browning supports Rich Nugent for Congress.
 Don Browning sends support to Rich Nugent, withdraws from race for the US Congressional seat to be created by the Florida Legislature.  The new district spans Central Florida from Ocala to Crystal River.  Editor of the the Villages News, Browning will hand off the reigns during the campaign and Congressional Term if successful.  Reform minded, Don Browning asks "what is important to you the voter?"  "What do you value?"  How is US Congressional behavior helped or hurt what you value most, over the last 20 years.  Out with the old dynasty seat holders.  Don calls the old "20 year plus" congressmen Squatters, the original occupiers.  Hoping to remove old line incumbents and join a group of fresh reform minded congressmen.

641 E. Gulf to Lake Hwy, Lecanto, Florida
352 341 2820


Entertainer Kaye Stevens Dies: 

December 28, 2012


Rhonda Glenn (cell) 561-346-0321 – (home) 352-307-6979

Father Kent Walker (407) 433-4472

The Villages, Fla. -- Entertainer Kaye Stevens, whose big singing voice and wacky comedic touch launched her career on the stage, in motion pictures, television and live appearances, died of cancer on Dec. 28 in The Villages. She was 79.  Story

News of the Ocala Star Banner going up for sale confirm reports that the Villages are the dominant community in Central Florida.  Halifax Media reported to be taking ownership of the Ocala and Gainesville papers along with several others.  It appears that New York Times politics did not sell well in Central Florida. E papers the Marion Sun Times, and Villages News welcome a more balanced news reputation from the Halifax Media Group.

Marion County hosts the Pumpkin Run, Classic Auto show.

Auto Neat Video Find this one Production. 

Visit The Nest on Lake Weir.

Welcome to The Nest on Lake Weir

Nest: (n.) a snug retreat or refuge; resting place; home.

The Nest is a six room cottage-style inn that provide guest with a boutique hotel experience amid Southern charms like majestic Oak trees, starry nights, beautiful sunsets and waterfront views.  The gated motel sits on two lush acres with 160 feet of white sandy beach leading out to Lake Weir.  This 5,000 acre freshwater playground is a popular destination for swimming, kayaking, boating, skiing, fishing and sailing. Lake Weir is primarily surrounded by private residences, but can be accessed publicly at Gator Joe’s restaurant, Hampton Beach and Carney Island Park.

Each of our cottages welcome guests through a private entrance and covered porch, but that’s just the beginning…


All About Art 

Just north of The Villages on 441 in Belleview.  

Sit back and enjoy a sampling of All About Art  Discover Marion County.

South of Ocala in Thriving Belleview. 

Economic Action Leader of the Year, Jimmy Leeward

Developer of the CP-35, Sunshine Lane Industrial Parks, and the Leeward Air Ranch

Among many other Economic Development Promotions.  

Without Jimmy Leeward, tourism, and Economic Development would never be the same in Central Florida.

Aircraft arrive from around the United States of America, multiple times each year to visit Marion County and Visit the Leeward Air Ranch

Just south of Ocala

Florida District 6 Congressional Candidate Ted Yoho overwhelms old line long time Washington DC insider Cliff Stearns coming out of the Gates for 2011.  Congressional Candidate Ted Yoho secures Don Browning

s support. Thousands who supported Browning in the first challenge of the old establishment appear ready to support Ted Yoho for congress.

Senator Alan Hays Named Water Czar as he stops the anti growth crowd in their tracks.  Pulling their funding will get the job done and if we can get the Jobs Budget going we will save Florida's Economy. 
The Celebration Begins.   It is with deep regret that we must admit it took years to stop the anti growth element in DEP.  Secretary Vineyard teamed up with Senator Alan Hays and Governor Rick Scott.

Senator Alan Hays and Representative Marlene O'Toole host Governor Rick Scott at the Villages for the Signing of the Jobs Budget.

Governor Rick Scott along with Senator Alan Hays bring  home roaring approval from the informed citizens assembled for the Jobs Budget signing.

 Taking money from roads and birdges to fund education set the proper tone for the budget signing.

EDC Marion director Don Browning is helping bring a focus on revenue by analyzing the waste of sending much of our fresh water to the Ocean.

Analysis of a small percentage of spring water that could bring millions in revenue to central Florida.


Thanks for all the questions and positive responses, as readers realize that a billion gallons of the worlds finest mineral water is sent to the Atlantic and Gulf daily out of Marion County alone?
At a $1.50 per a thousand gallons that is $150,000 daily.  That is 8 billion bottles of drinking water at the 7-11.   That is $800,000,000 if just 10% of the springs out put is used at $1.

If bottles are sold at 10¢ a bottle that is $80 million dollars daily in revenue just from our county.  

If we look at just Silver Springs and taking 10% of the flow, that is $40 million dollars daily.  Think about those numbers a while.
1,000,000,000 gallons daily

x 8 bottles at 16 oz per bottle = 8,000,000,000 bottles or $8 billion dollars at $1 dollar per bottle.

At 10¢ per bottle that is $800,000,000 daily.

At 10% of the Flow for drinking water and 90% to continue flowing that would be $80,000,000 daily.

Taking 10% of the flow to recharge the aquifer instead of using processed sewer effluent, that leaves 80% or 800,000,000 gallons of fresh water to refresh the Ocean and Gulf of Mexico using The rivers to transport the fresh water to the Sea. 

Historic National Presidential Politics are about to descend on The Villages.
 Past greats Herman Cain, President George W Bush, Governor Jeb Bush, and more.  See below historic footage of past visits and a hint of things to come in 2016 campaigns.

Historic:  Herman Cain exits the 2012 presendial race after making a historic stop in Villages, Marion County Florida.  Marion County Commission Chairman Stan McClain welcomed Presidential hopeful Herman Cain.  Marion County Sheriff Candidate Dan Kuhn and a host of local GOP officials filled the hall joining hundreds of enthusiastic supporters.  Candidate Cain outlined his points of governance to standing applause.  Florida launches presidential Candidate Herman Cain. 
Support now seems to be going to Newt Gingrich as the Iowa contest nears.

Tuscaloosa Tornado Victims receive helping hand from Lake Weir Kiwanis Club.  President Ron Beal sets dramatic Teddy Bear Express mission under the direction of George Albright Sr.

Visit the Villages new attraction in a thriving economy.  Visit The Fresh Market.

Welcome graphic

Governor Rick Scott's 2011 Florida Recovery Budget

Scott to Streamline Government.  Contracts such as the Utilities Pollution Community reeducation programs may end. 

Eustis Florida, home of the Central Florida Tea Party movement attended by

Candidates Patricia Sullivan and Don Browning celebrating success at the poles

of State Governor Candidate Rick Scott.  Governor Scott's Recovery plans include Tax Cuts of over $2 billion and

reduced state spending by over $5 billion.

New Jobs Budget will devote over $800 million over two years for Economic Development.

Pension Reform will save taxpayers $2.8 billion over two years. 

Education budget to remain stable - no cuts.

Medicade will save nearly $4 billion over two years with patient-directed system. 

Secretary of State Kurt Browning and Governor Rick Scott celebrate Heritage Month in Tallahassee.  Viva La Florida is launched by Governor and Mrs. Rick Scott

Villagers take to the forest and great outdoors in search of the perfect wildlife photo.

Villages/Marion County Firefighters help Marion County family struck by a devastating Christmas fire.  Senator Alan Hays and Rep. Marlene O'Toole team up to improve government services at a reduced cost.  Both are in key appropriations committees.  The Villages/Marion County delegation gains clout.
 EDC Marion welcomes West Marion Business Association.  More than 70 strong, the new business organization is coming on strong thanks to efforts by Joe Gullani president, and Ray Sargent secretary.  Centered west of I 75 the WMBA welcomes business from across Marion County.  West Marion Business Association continues the trend to include all business from across Marion County.  Ocala business can join as associate members. 

Nestled in the Heart of Florida, the Villages boast residents from around the world.  Now the key to Marion County Life, and prosperity, the villages are the cultural, wealth, business center for several counties.